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How to Play Battlefield 1942 in 2020

Eighteen years after the release of BF1942, there are still hundreds of concurrent players online at any given time. Even after a handful of years after the shutdown of the official master server, the community has risen up and above the publisher, EA Games -- whom immediately abandoned the free to play video game as soon as GameSpy shut down the master server. The intense love and cult following of the game has made it the overall most enjoyable first person shooter to ever be released. A much more dynamic game than modern politically correct Battlefield games, in 1942 you could do everything -- and anything.

The first step is to go here

The second step is to download the game. The game includes the original vanilla version, plus both expansion packs - The Road to Rome, and Secret Weapons of WWII. In addition to these 36 maps, you have many custom maps that will also install.

It is highly recommended to download the Desktop Multiplayer Quick Launcher here. This will give you the opportunity to quickly join a server straight from your desktop. The default IP address listed will launch you into the Battlefield 1942 server that plays the most diverse selection of maps and game modes. You can, however change which server it goes to by reading this post.

If you are new to the game, the original manual may help you understand the game better.

That is all - a simple .exe file will install the full game and you are now free to play Battlefield 1942 online on multiplayer for free in 2020!

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