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Battlefield 1942: How To Guide

*Use the F3 button or CTRL+F feature to search for specific item within the guide.

Chapter I: Playing Battlefield 1942 in 2022

Section I.I: Singleplayer
Playing Battlefield 1942 in singleplayer today is still very simple. If you have the disc version, you need to install the game and update to version 1.6. You can additionally download v1.61 after you install v1.6, however if you are only playing singleplayer, there is no point to this.

Section I.II: Multiplayer

Despite coming out in 2002, there are still a rather large amount of players remaining in the games online portion. If you have the disc version, you will want to update to v1.6 and you will need to download our multiplayer patch we have available. This patch is essential to being able to scan servers in-game. Alternatively, you can create an account at GameTracker and download their free program. After installed, you can go to their server list for Battlefield 1942 and join a server through your internet browser. There are a couple other ways which you can search the internet, such as qTracker or joining through a desktop shortcut. If you do not yet have the game, it is available for free via digital download and this version is all up-to-date, so there will be no problem playing online!

Section I.III: LAN Play

If you want to play with your friendss over LAN, you should be able to normally host a server if you are using the disc version, but if you download the game from our website you will need to download the dedicated server files and run a dedicated LAN server, otherwise it will not work.

Section III.I: Widescreen Support
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Section III.II: Old Chat Style

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Section III.III: Frames Per Second

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Chapter III: Tweaking Gameplay
Chapter IV: Modifications

Section IV.I: Desert Combat
The modification that paved way for Battlefield 2 is still being played today. Join the fight in the Middle East and drop bombs on the terrorists or blow up the Americans. This mod sets you in 2003 with a more modern gameplay, if WWII is not your favorite.

Section IV.II: Forgotten Hope

Forgotten Hope is an amazing mod that brings the WWII setting to life. This realistic mod brings an enormous amount of new gameplay including exciting new maps, great new vehicles to play with and much, much more. This mod is bound to bring a new and exciting aspect to Battlefield 1942.

Section IV.III: Eve of Destruction

This mod, Eve of Destruction is set during the Vietnam conflict when the Americans invaded. Back in the day this was one of the more popular mods, possibly giving the idea for Battlefield Vietnam. If you are interested, there is a huge amount of new things to play within this mod and an endless supply of new levels.

Section IV.IV: Finn Wars

Finn Wars focuses on the conflict between the Soviet Union and Finland during WWII. This mod brings a realism aspect along also. It is a mod that can still be played with plenty of players every year around December 5,6, and 7!

Section IV.V: Battlegroup '42

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Section IV.VI: Battlefield Heroes '42

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Section IV.VII: Battlefield 1918

Battlefield 1918, as you may have guessed, takes you back to World War One. Rather than the silly, unrealistic and #WhiteGenocide-ACTIVATED game recently released called Battlefield 1, the mod does not attempt to replace the white, native European soldiers with black African soldiers. This is also quite more realistic, and you will be focusing more on rifle and infantry gameplay (yes there are machine guns) although it is quite fun especially when you can get a hand on a vehicle!

Section IV.VIII: Forgotten Hope Secret Weapons

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Chapter II: Tips to become a better player

Section II.I: Bunny-Hopping

Use bunny-hopping and other jerking motions to your advantage. If you simply run straight with no movements at all you are an easy target for a sniper who may have you in their sights, or even an enemy near you. Use your space bar to jump around while running long distances in open fields and once you get good in infantry combat you will be able to use strafing buttons, A and D to your advantage. Remember you can also lay down, crouch and stand up really quickly while battling it out in infantry to try and throw the enemy off with his shots.

Section II.II: Airplanes

There is a reason people are always waiting around for airplanes.. They are FUN! However, if you want to also be good at using an airplane it is my recommendation to use the keyboard + mouse while flying. I have been playing since 2002 and I have always used this method. I have tried using only the keyboard, which is by far the worst method. There is also an option using the joystick, which if you have then you may want to try this option as it will feel more realistic. I found the joystick just got in my way when I was not flying and it was a little difficult to learn, so I did not stick with it. The great thing when you are dogfighting, you will see where the bullets are going in front of you; so you can adjust. The initial camera view has you inside of the cockpit, but it is not too nice if you want to be good in an airplane. To change camera views you can either push the 'C' button to go into the next view, or you can use the F9-F12 buttons to choose a view you like. Using third person view (where you see your airplane) is the best option if you want to drop bombs and hit your target. Flying high will be the best option as you will be able to avoid the anti-aircraft guns on the ground, and swoop down really fast to drop a bomb. It also works if you are searching for enemy airplanes, who tend to fly lower. You can fly high and swoop down behind them to destroy their airplane.

Section II.III: Artillery

At first glance, artillery on BF1942 may look and feel awkward, or quite frankly useless. Once you learn how to properly use the artillery, it really does become very valuable and even fun to use! The first step to using artillery is being a scout (sniper) and taking your binoculars out. With your binoculars you will right click to view a position and then left click to call this position to a teammate in artillery vehicle. If you happen to be in the artillery vehicle and have a teammate who called a position to be bombed, you will need to enter the 2nd position of the vehicle and right click. This will allow you to view the position your teammate called earlier. You will notice a line at the top and a line on the left of the screen, along with a shorter and smaller yellow line aligned with both of those lines. You will need to take some practice shots initially to see where your tank missile lands. You will then move the yellow lines across the black lines to better your aim. As expected, the line on top moves your shot to the left or right, and the line on the left moves your shot up or down. Now you can kill at a very far distance.

Section II.IV: Shooting ahead

If you're shooting at an enemy and you're not hitting him, it's probably because you're not "leading" your shots. Since this game doesn't calculate bullet damage on the player's computer, unlike Counter-Strike, your bullets often miss a moving target if you're aiming right at him. Instead of aiming right at a moving enemy, you should aim in front of him a little. Keep in mind that if you do this at a distance while proning you can kill him within 2 seconds, especially with a Bar 1918, the insanely powerful allied assault rifle.

Section II.V: Know your surroundings

To understand your surroundings in each map will not only help you, but it will help your team. One thing that happens all too often is a player exiting his tank just to kill an infantry player! This is never acceptable as the tank is clearly more powerful than infantry. In addition there is a 50% chance the infantry you are trying to kill will end up stealing your tank and killing you with it. On Coral Sea or Battle of Britain it is important to remember to be the engineer! The engineer kit will repair any damage done to your ship on Coral Sea (Buildings and Towers on Battle of Britain). These objects must remain full of health in order for your team to win! The only smart option on Coral Sea is to be engineer. Take the map Aberdeen, for example, it is a heavy-tank map and if you were going to run around as a sniper, you would serve no purpose for yourself or your team.

Section II.VI: Radio Commands

Radio commands are a quick and easy way to communicate with your teammates. If you need help from your teammates push F2 and again F2. Your player will call for reinforcements and will begin to blink yellow on the map so your teammates can find you. Other useful commands include: F6-F5, calls for a medic or engineer if you are in a vehicle. F3-F6, is for when you spot an enemy airplane. Be sure to learn these commands and pay attention when other players use them, as it can often give you an easy kill to sneak up on someone and you can even save your teammate from certain death!

Section II.VII: Picking up Kits

You might find it useful to pick up a dead players kit. Use the G button to pick up a kit. Imagine being assault class and killing a medic. You may only have 10% health remaining, at this point it would be to your advantage to pick up his medic kit and heal yourself back to full health. The Jetpacks on the Secret Weapons of WWII expansion pack operate in this same manner. The jetpacks are placed in buildings within certain maps and once you pick up this kit, you can use the spacebar to fly.

Section II.VIII: Submarines

Submarines are an interesting vehicle on the Battlefield. You can find these vehicles on Conquest modes of Guadalcanal and Midway Island. Once you enter the submarine, you can go underneath the water and back up above the water using your up and down arrow keys. These things are slow, but very effective when you want to take down an enemy ship that may be raping your teammates.

Section II.IX: Landing Craft

The landing craft are those small boats you will find attached to the large ships. This boats require you to open the gate to leave the craft. You can achieve this using your up and down arrow keys to open and close your gate. Each craft is equipped with a machine gun in the 2nd position. If you have an airplane chasing you from behind you will need to drive left and right trying to avoid it. Using the C button to change camera views will be helpful in following where the airplane is going so you can move appropriately.

Section II.X: Tanks

Tanks are an important weapon on the battlefield. While using a tank, try being the engineer so you can repair yourself if you are damaged. There are two types of tanks: light and heavy. These two tanks are very similar except the heavy tank has more armor, and the way it shoots is a little more dragged out and goes a shorter distance. If you have the option to have a tank or go on foot, always choose the tank. Yes, they are slow, but they are also very powerful and will provide you with extra protection against infantry players on the ground.

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