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Download Battlefield 1942


Battlefield 1942 (Includes expansion packs)

The complete game, which includes both expansion packs.

Download 1 (TORRENT)

Download 2 (MEGA)

Download 3 (DropBox)

Download 4 (MediaFire)
Download 5 (MediaFire)

Battlefield 1942:
The Road to Rome

Enjoy six new maps, dozens of new weapons and vehicles or fight as the French or Italian.

Battlefield 1942:
Secret Weapons of WWII

Grab this and receive nine new levels in addition some of the most exciting gameplay offered.

Download 1 (MEGA)

Desktop Multiplayer Launch

This .exe file will install a popular BF1942 server onto your desktop. Double click and it will throw you into the game.

Download 1 (MEGA)
Download 2 (MediaFire)

Windows Dedicated

You must download this file if you want to play LAN.

Download 1 (MediaFire)

Custom Maps

If you would like to experience more, grab this file which contains 16 new maps with bot support.

Download 1 (MediaFire)
Download 2 (Dropbox)

BF1942 Manual

A digital version of the original manual.

Download 1 (MEGA)

Download 2 (MediaFire)

Download 1 (MEGA)

MODIFICATIONS (Battlefield 1942 required)

Battlefield Heroes '42

If you miss your old BF: Heroes game, this is your replacement.

Download 1 (MediaFire)

Eve of Destruction

Set in the Vietnam war, you will not be bored with this mod which includes dozens of levels and tons of fun. Download all four parts to install correctly.


This mod focuses on Finland vs the Jewish USSR. It is mostly played around December 5-8, every year.

Battlefield 1918

The original Battlefield 1, without all of the White genocide nonsense added to it. Check it out. *THIS VERSION IS OUTDATED. NEW VERSION IS V3.3

Desert Combat 0.7

This is the mod that spawned Battlefield 2 and all the later modern warfare games! Download this and DC_Final if you want to play online with others!


This will add even more to your Desert Combat mod! If you want to play online, be sure to grab this version also!

Forgotten Hope

Download all three parts in order to install and play correctly. This is WWII realism mod, and one of the best.

Experience WWII

This is another WWII realism modification. The tanks in this mod are very fun! Check it out. Download both parts to play correctly.

Galactic Conquest

STAR WARS fan? Then this mod is for you! Galactic Conquest is based off of the famous Star Wars series.


Download 1 (MediaFire)

Download 1 (MediaFire)

Download 1 (MediaFire)

Download 1 (MediaFire)

Download 1 (MediaFire)

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